Thursday, January 24, 2013

No More Using Margin, Raised Cash, Transitioning

I haven’t been updating my progress lately because I have not been able to save any money. I ended up quitting my new job realizing it was not for me pretty quickly. Currently, I’m on the lookout for better employment, something new and enjoyable. In the mean time I have started an eBay Store and remain very optimistic on my portfolio and progress. Here’s the link to my store: 

Portfolio wise, I did raise some cash to start the eBay store by selling some of my more conservative large cap holdings. The eBay store cost about $4000 to buy inventory and start up. I basically downsized the portfolio, sold some relative losers, kept my winners and focused more on my core strategy which is under appreciated small /mid caps. I also closed out my margin debt balance; now the dividends are coming in as cash, and I’m completely debt free, which feels good.

The positions I parted ways with were Saputo, Tim Hortons and my only materials stock Imperial Metals, taking a small loss on THI and nice profits on SAP, III. I now have no commodity miners or oil and gas producers in my portfolio. I also sold my position In Prism Medical down about 12% -$250 loss (first significant loss in recent memory), and sold SIR Corp for a nice $400 profit.

The performance of the portfolio has been surprisingly awesome, especially lately. Several positions are near all time, or 52 week highs. I have no losers in the portfolio. Most positions are comfortably in the green. My portfolio has untaken profits of about $13 200. Luckily several stocks have been exceeding my expectations including MTY, AD, MRD, KBL, CMG, AP.UN, SNC and WTE. My largest holding, Asian Television Network, has benefitted lately from clarity on growth objectives and some new launches, specifically 25 channels with Cogeco Cable. I’m very confident in the future prospects of these companies and continue to hold all of them.

What I am left with now is a focused small/mid cap, special situations portfolio that I believe is positioned well for long term growth. I will continue to focus on being extremely passive and letting my positions run. I just had a job interview, so hopefully that works out and I’m looking forward to new goals and challenges in 2013.

Thank you to everyone who visits this site and all your emails. I hope we can keep learning together. Please email me at for market chat or just to bounce an idea off me. Good luck to all in 2013.

Margin Account
Company Name # of Shares Market Value
Westshore Terminals  135 $3,773.25
Asian Television Network 2750 $9,130.00
Allied Properties REIT 94 $3,215.74
Black Diamond Group 260 $5,712.20
K-Bro Linen 123 $3,688.77
Computer Modelling Group 196 $4,321.80
SNC Lavalin  53 $2,391.89
Bird Construction 204 $3,047.76
New Look Eyeware  100 $939.00
MTY Food Group 125 $3,012.50
Melcor Developments 150 $2,934.00
Total $42,166.91
TFSA Account
Company Name # of Shares Market Value
New Look Eye Ware 190 $1,784.10
Alaris Royalty 122 $3,128.08
Asian Television Network 469 $1,557.08
MTY Food Group 136 $3,277.60
Total $9,746.86
Cash Total $375.00
Margin Account Total $42,166.91
TFSA Account Total $9,746.86
RRSP Mutual Fund (approx) Total $800.00
Total Assets $53,088.77


  1. Check out Jason Donville on BNN (The Close) today. Very smart guy, knows what he likes and don't pull any punches.

    Sounds like the next edition of his newsletter will be a very interesting and insightful read.

  2. Thanks for the link. Lots of good info. He talks about stocks very similar to Lynch. Good idea to just stick to strict low p/e, high ROE/ growth.

  3. It's the same approach I used to find HLF last year and MDR this year. Growth at a reasonable price.

    I also like his thinking on owning only a handful high quality stocks.

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